Privacy Policy

This policy is to inform visitors to of its data gathering methods and use of such data. Citadel Bullion collects many types of data throughout its web site and the degree to which this data is used will be specified below. Citadel Bullion may change this policy at any time at its sole discretion and without notice.

Logs and Activity Reports
Citadel Bullion collects data each time a visitor enters or moves from one page to the next within the web site. This information is used to gather statistics about visitors as a whole and in no way points to individuals. Personal information is not gathered in the log files. The information gathered falls into these categories:

  • Time of day;
  • Day of the week;
  • Which URL was visited prior to coming to the;
  • Which file you are viewing at;
  • What browser and version of browser you use; and,
  • Which Operating System you use.

The above information is processed and analysed to keep Citadel Bullion’s web site up to industry standards. Portions of the web site’s design and functionality may be influenced by the data collected.

Collection and Use of Personal Information
If you believe that any personal information collected by Citadel Bullion for its purposes is inaccurate or out dated for any reason whatsoever, you herein agree that you will contact Citadel Bullion as soon as is practicable so that Citadel Bullion may update your personal information.

Unless required by a court, tribunal or applicable law, Citadel Bullion agrees that it will not sell or transmit any personal information to any third party for compensation or otherwise unless you authorise such sale or transmission.

Spam Act 2003 (Commonwealth)
Citadel Bullion shall comply with the Spam Act 2003 (Commonwealth) with respect to the content of all electronically transmitted messages. Citadel Bullion acknowledges and warrants that it shall only send electronically transmitted messages pursuant to the publicised best practice guidelines where the recipient has opted in to receive such information and there exists operational unsubscribe facilities.

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