Expand Your Business

The Citadel Bullion Introducing Broker (IB) Program provides the opportunity for you to earn substantial, ongoing commission based on the account activity of any clients you refer to us. Whether you have a large group of friends or a long list of clients, they could all benefit from your wise decision to build a long-term partnership with Citadel Bullion.

Give Your Clients The Best Technology and Best Pricing

Your clients will enjoy all the benefits of the leading edge technology provided by the MetalDesk trading platform. They will thank you for introducing them to a marketplace with fair & transparent pricing, tight spreads and deep liquidity.

Quick & Easy

Clients of Introducing Brokers open accounts directly with Bullion Capital – the company that powers the MetalDesk trading platform. This leaves the onerous tasks of client on-boarding, compliance due-diligence and handling of client money to them. You are free to concentrate on acquiring and servicing your clients in order to continue the expansion of your business.

Learn More

Don’t hesitate. Take action now. Please contact us directly to learn more about partnering with Citadel Bullion and providing the MetalDesk physical bullion trading platform to your clients.

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