CB_logo__tower_Orange_27x20REAL BULLION

The gold, silver and platinum available through Citadel Bullion are real bars and coins. Buy the real thing, not a derivative or a paper contract. Enjoy the security of owning some cold, hard, bullion.

CB_logo__tower_Orange_27x20ALLOCATED BARS & COINS

When you buy allocated bullion via Citadel Bullion, you retain legal title to that bullion at all times.  This is much safer than buying ‘unallocated’ bullion, which forms the basis of much of the precious metals market.  If you buy gold through a bank and deposit it with them for safe storage, you sign a form and become a depositor. In such a scenario, the bank then owns (& physically posses) the unallocated bullion and you become a creditor of the bank. In the event of a crisis, you would need to line up with all the other creditors of the bank in the hope of getting your assets back.

CB_logo__tower_Orange_27x20SECURE STORAGE

When you open an account with Bullion Capital via Citadel Bullion, the precious metals you purchase are stored and insured by Malca-Amit & Armaguard, verified by Inspectorate and audited by BDO – all high-profile leaders in their field.


Did you know that the bullion behind most ETF’s is not insured? All precious metals bought and stored through your MetalDesk trading platform are insured. This even applies to collectible bullion coins.

CB_logo__tower_Orange_27x20PHYSICAL DELIVERY OPTION

If you would like to take physical delivery of your bars or coins, you can do so once your purchase is completed. Direct from your MetalDesk trading platform you can choose to buy precious metals in any of a dozen trading hubs around the world. If you wish, you may then take physical delivery of the bullion in that city. No matter where you live, if you buy bullion in Sydney, you can have it delivered in Sydney. If you buy bullion in Bangkok, you can have it delivered in Bangkok.  The same applies for Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, New York, Shanghai, Singapore, Zurich, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

CB_logo__tower_Orange_27x20TIGHT SPREADS

We encourage you to sign-up for a demo of the MetalDesk trading platform to see for yourself how our prices compare on a per ounce basis against any other price source.

CB_logo__tower_Orange_27x20DEEP LIQUIDITY

Tight spreads alone don’t make for good pricing. You also need deep liquidity to ensure those prices are available to all clients wanting to trade at the “top of the book” (best price). With prices aggregated from multiple global bullion market participants, the MetalDesk platform has enough liquidity to satisfy clients of all sizes.

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